What is in Bhutan to be called as a paradise?

Every time I reach Bhutan, one thought comes to my mind is on what makes it such a different paradise. How the country has kept itself for last 40 odd years without getting into mechanical life like most of us do.

Writing a small sketch about Bhutan as this is one paradise which should not be missed by anyone.

Bhutan is landlocked country with India and China, but has maintained its own pristine beauty and 80% of forest cover.

Here are 10 facts about Bhutan:

Bhutan organic1. Only organic food producing country in the world.

2. Air Pollution below 2% than 14% across the globe.

3. Country measuring the prosperity of people not by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but by Gross National Happiness (GNH)

4. Hardly any hospitals and medical stores which baffles imagination on whether that part of the world never falls “sick” or they just don’t want to end up in hospitals.

5. Relaxed life but committed to work and more productive in terms of overall development.

6. Out of South Asian countries, Bhutanese people are highly dignified, extremely friendly, hospitable beyond imagination and highly disciplined.

7. Bhutan for the last 40 years or more has retained the charm of the least crime country in the world. Crime rate is at 002% which means “No Crime”.

8. For a traveler like me who always would like to pack bags (both rucksack or briefcase) and visit Himalayan locations. Bhutan is the most safest country in the world and most friendly for travelers.

9. Highest amount of flora and fauna, medicinal plants are found in this country than anywhere else in the world.

10. Bhutan is the most orderly country. The citizen abides by all rules without being imposed or “told”. compared to the most unruly South Asian neighbors. Something that need to be learned by the citizens of those countries. Very sorry to say, but then that is the reality.

This is one country which kept on calling me all the time and every time I went here, met good people who became close friends and changed my outlook about life for ever.

Before being in Bhutan, all my thinking was on how to sustain daily life, how to earn money and always we were informed that “we need to earn to be happy”. But after my visits to Bhutan, realized that happiness cannot be bought or sold, but need to be acquired by the person himself or herself. Seeing Bhutanese people, made me think that how they are happy and what makes them happy.

For all of us, there are two kind of happiness. One which comes out of material comfort and another which comes from within. But then, due to our daily chores, we forget to be happy from within, and always start thinking that happiness need to be “acquired” through “material comforts” and more we get, the better.

This country has so much of heritage to it, and not wrong to be called as “Last-Shangrila” or “Paradise on Earth” due to the above factors which proves on Gross National Happiness.

Each one of us need to visit this place once to see what makes them different and how we can change our lives for better since the problems we encounter daily, most of it are self created.

Look at the traffic chaos in India. Most of us feel that it is “others” who create the problems on the roads. Road rage, anger, feeling agitated is some of the daily happenings in our lives. But then, if each of us were disciplined as Bhutanese are, then the “rage” in us turns to kindness and the traffic chaos would not be there. There are very simple things we can learn out of Bhutan and worth a place to be visited.

My love for travel to Himalayas fueled me to start a Travel and Trekking company and that is giving me plenty of opportunity to be in Bhutan and go deeper in understanding the unique architecture of Dzongs across Bhutan, culture and tradition –  especially the dance forms, locations of interest and unexplored areas along with my friend.

It is such a nice feeling that I’m again going to Bhutan to celebrate New Year eve in such a pristine and happiness country which is truly a paradise on earth and an opportunity never to be missed.

Bhutan also presents a picturesque sight. This is one place which can be reached very easily from India, Tibet (China) and Nepal. The winding yet beautifully surfaced roads, awesome Paro valley would leave you mesmerized with beauty.


The beautiful Dzongs which were earlier palaces now offices present a splendid look to understand Bhutanese architecture marvel. You would be amazed to know that not a nail has been put in these mammoth buildings.

Punaka Dzong. Visual wonder at Bhutan

Punaka Dzong. Visual wonder at Bhutan

Stairs at Punaka Dzong

Stairs at Punaka Dzong

Entering Punaka Dzong

Entering Punaka Dzong

Another fascinating place to visit is Tiger Nest or Taksang Monastery which is built on the cliff. There are various legends, but once you enter inside, will get to know what meditative powers hold this mammoth structure and its surroundings.

At Taksang monastery

At Taksang monastery

Taksang Monastery

Taksang Monastery

Don’t miss to visit this paradise not only for natural splendor but also to see how the people of that country stay happy and how the Government over there measures happiness.

Know more on Gross National Happiness of Bhutan here

You could also take a quick tour of Bhutan

Look forward to meet you in Bhutan while I travel from 28th Dec to 3rd Jan 2014 and celebrating New Year in this fascinating country called as Last Shangrila or Paradise on earth.

Appreciate your time for reading….

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